Friday, April 10, 2009

OFFSPRING: Good Friday

It should not become us, well beloved in Christ, being a people which be redeemed from the devil, from sin and death, and from everlasting damnation by Christ, to suffer this time to pass forth without any meditation and remembrance of that excellent work of our redemption, wrought as about this time, through the great mercy and charity of our Savior Jesus Christ, for us wretched sinners – (The Good Friday Homily, Second Book of Sermons or Homilies, 1623)

The day called “Good Friday,” is the second of the three holy days known as “The Triduum.” After having been commanded to love and given a strengthening meal on the first day, we are now called to a special meditation on that very love. The picture of this love which the church paints for her children, is one of wretched sinners, enemies of God, so beloved in now by Christ that Our Lord gives everything he has for thier sake. His honor, his power, and even very life are all offered up as a sacrifice of love.

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