Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OFFSPRING: A Life Worth Living

The church binds us to no theory about the exact composition of Christ’s resurrection body. A body of some kind there had to be, since man cannot perceive the infinite otherwise than in terms of space and time. In any case, those who saw the risen Christ remained persuaded that life was worth living and death a mere triviality. (Creed or Chaos, Dorothy Sayers, ca. 1949)

Victory and defeat have great implications on the human heart. Victory fills the spirit with assurance, joy, creativity, while defeat fills us with fear, insecurity, and depression. Sayers reminds us that the resurrection of Christ’s body is much more than a mere science experiment in the mind of man. Interesting as the scientific study of the resurrection may be, it does nothing to improve the spirit of person. However, the fact that death is been stripped of its power totally changes the human’s understanding of their own timeline. It fills us with the assurance of life and hope of eternity. Consequently, we live life as the victors rather than the defeated.

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