Tuesday, April 28, 2009

OFFSPRING: Fruit vs. Fruit

When we see the world as an end in itself, everything becomes itself a value and consequently loses all value; because only in God is found the value of everything, and the world is only meaningful when it is the “sacrament” of God’s presence. Things treated merely as things in themselves, destroy themselves because only in God have they any life. The world of nature, cut off from the source of life, is a dying world. (For the Life of The World, Schmemann, ca. 1963)

The struggle with Eve’s forbidden fruit is by no means gone from us. Often we look at the creation and forget that it cannot be of real good to us except it be a sacrament of the God who made it for our good. Evangelical Catholic worship, that is "apostolic liturgical worship," trains the body, mind, and soul to be sacramental and thus to live life in the manner which was once called “the way.”

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