Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FATHERS: Safe Keeping Unto Reconciliation

And so the flesh shall rise again, wholly in every man, in its own identity, in absolute integrity. Wherever it may be, it is safe keeping in God’s presence through that most faithful “mediator between God and man, the man Jesus Christ,” who shall reconcile both God to man and man to God; the spirit to the flesh and the flesh to the spirit. (The Resurrection of The Flesh, Tertullian, ca. 160 – ca. 220 AD)

The early church Father Tertullian clearly understood that the future resurrection was not subject to anything at all that might happen to a dead body. He holds to this position on the basis that it is not beyond the capacity of Christ to hold both body and spirit in “safe keeping” until the day of the resurrection of all the dead. While the dead do experience a separation of body and spirit, the resurrection that is to come will surely be the time when the two unite again, and then under the mediation of Christ be wholly reconciled to God.

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